Nendoroid Petit: Tales Series

More awesome Tales of Figures. This time it is a Nendoroid Petit set by Good Smile Company. Each figure comes in an individual box with a stand. The set spans over 4 different videogames in the Tales Series. We will start with Tales of Graces F:

From the Tales of Graces game we have (L) Sophie & (R)Asbel:

Tales of Graces F

Next up from Tales of Xillia is (L) Milla Maxwell & (R) Jude Mathis

Tales of Xillia

From Tales of Vesperia is (L) Yuri Lowell & (R) Estellise Sidos Heurassein.

Tales of Vesperia

The set also comes with a bonus / mystery figure from Tales of Destiny Leon Magnus.

Tales of Destiny

Pose: 7/10

Color: 7/10

Packaging: 4/10

Overall: 8/10

Bottom Line:

So overall this set covers a wide range of the Tales series. Personally I am not the biggest Nendoroid fan, but due to the fact it was Tales I had to pick them up. One thing I ran into trouble with the set was with Leon and Yuri’s swords. They are very fragile and break easily. They broke on me trying to get the sword in hand and hand to glue back together. Another issue I had was with Asbel, getting him to stand up properly on the stand. All around a decent set of Nendoroid figures for the Tales of series.

Tales Group


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